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Aggregate: A group of soil particles cohering in such a way that they behave mechanically as a unit.
High Quality Rock
provides a full range of construction coarse and fine aggregates from a centralized mining operation. If you prefer, our trucks can be rapidly, accurately, and automatically loaded over our scale — to be dispatched to your project site. Or if you prefer to use your own trucks, we can arrange for your driver to be loaded and deployed just as quickly.
Serving Mendocino, Fort Bragg, Caspar, Westport and beyond — developing and delivering quality aggregate products for roads, bridges, highways, country lanes, driveways, landfill, housepads, waterways, driveways, erosion control, drainage, and landscaping.
For delivery, job recommendations, or general aggregate questions, please call 964-ROCK (area code 707).

Aggregate (Rock) Price List

Priced by the ton, the following decribes various 964-ROCK products and recommended uses.
* Bulk pricing is available. Email or call (707) 964-7625 M-F PST for details.

  Class #2 Base, $10 per Ton *
Considered an excellent road material, this superior aggregate — easy as it is to spread — produces roads that pack as hard as asphalt. If you want your neighbors to envy your magnificent driveway, this is the material to purchase.
3-Inch Minus, $9 per Ton *
Also used in road building, 3-Inch Minus has superior durability and is recommended for the first 3 inches (of the pack) when building a new road. The larger rock in this mix also makes this an excellent choice for landfill and housepads.
4-Inch to 12-Inch Cobbles, $12 per Ton *
Perfect for erosion control on hillsides and extemely effective reducing and preventing silt from entering waterways in and around culverts.
Rip Rap, $16 per Ton *
Imagine big boulders ranging in size from 12-inches to a whopping 6-feet. That's Rip Rap. Generally used for erosion control and dramatic landscaping or ledging effects. Some of the most beautiful rock you'll ever see. Cherry-picked.
Drain Rock, $10 per Ton *
Graded a “clean” material (no small fines), Drain Rock averages 3/4-inch to 3-inches in rock size. Great for leach lines and septic installation — anywhere you need good drainage.
Overburden, $5 per Ton *
A combination of soil and rock, Overburden can be used for landfill and building sites. Because Overburden is not processed through the screening plant, the aggregate size varies.
Pit Run, $7 per Ton *
Dug out of the quarry but not fed through the screening plant, Pit Run can be used as a road base. Using some large rock, Pit Run is not as easy to spread as Class #2 Base Rock but may be effective as landfill and for use as house pads.
* Bulk pricing is available.
Email or call (707) 964-7625 M-F PST for details.

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