About 964-Rock Construction Calculators

964-ROCK's online Construction Calculators will help you to estimate the amount of material you will need. They are grouped into 4 categories: Unit Conversions, Concrete Materials, Aggregate, and Road Materials.
The Unit Conversion Calculator will allow you to convert between various English and Metric units for length, area, volume, weight, temperature, pressure, and force. It will help you to estimate the concrete volume required for a “pour” or “placement,” or the volume of concrete needed to fill a block wall or concrete column.
The Concrete Materials Calculator will help you to estimate the cubic yards required for your project.
The Aggregate Calculator will help you to estimate the aggregate tonnage needed for your job.
The Road Materials Calculator will help you estimate the amount of hot mix or road oil/emulsion you'll need.
 You can cut and paste values between calculators. For example, you can take the result from the Concrete Calculator (which speaks in cubic yards) and plug it into the Unit Conversion Calculator to convert your results to cubic meters.
Important To use the Construction Calculators, you must use a browser that supports JavaScript. If you're having difficultly, you can download Netscape Navigator or download Internet Explorer free of charge.

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